The opening is near

The opening is near

We're happy to share some good news with you. The first phase of our winery is set to open for business in May of this year. Adventurers from all over the world will get to enjoy our Bistro as well as our new apartments.

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Dog in Dock Apartments

In May, we will open new apartment accommodation in the heart of Veselí nad Moravou. We will offer elegantly furnished apartments that combine contemporary design with the area's historical charm. You will be enchanted by picturesque views of the castle park and the peaceful sounds of the Baťa Canal. Dive into the atmosphere where historical heritage blends with nature and modern architecture. Enjoy a rest in the heart of Veselí.

Local bistro

In addition to the apartments, we're launching a Bistro in May. It will serve outstanding dishes crafted from locally-sourced ingredients and feature unique self-service wine dispensers. The Bistro boasts a lookout terrace, offering a fresh perspective of Veselí and the Baťa Canal while you savour a glass of wine.


Discover the Baťa canal

Veselí offers a plethora of activities, attractions, and tourist sights. The surroundings of the Baťa Canal are renowned for their cycling paths and numerous hiking trails, which traverse the beautiful landscapes of southern Moravia and connect many interesting locations. Romantic boat cruises are available on the Baťa Canal, allowing visitors to admire the surrounding nature. The canal is also a popular spot for fishing, with various types of fish available. Near the canal, visitors can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

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