Interactive map

Boat lift

When you're ready to board, take the boat lift for a ride


In the observatory, the sky is all yours.

Running track

For athletes who can't imagine rest without running.


Almost like golf, but with discs. A sport whose name says it all.

The Vineyard

Visit the vineyards and see what wine is like before it becomes wine.


An essential (and delicious) part of Dog in Dock. A legend says that many paths have ended here.

Public swimming pool

A swimming pool just across the canal, because you can never have enough water fun.


Beautiful and tempting, but be careful not to get lost.


Nadechněte se čerstvého vzduchu a nechte se chlácholit. Za slunečného počasí je vysoké riziko zdřímnutí.

The Dog in Dock Winery

Where the magic happens. A simple peek into the process will cast a spell of love on you. Don't try to resist it.

Climbing center

If you prefer traditional sports, you'll be happy to see this tennis court.

Tennis courts

If you prefer traditional sports, you'll be happy to see this tennis court.

Wellness & Accommodation

Come and start your day right. Or end your day right. Depends on your sleeping schedule.

Dog's meadow

A place your dogs will go crazy for. Come to think of it, isn't every meadow a dog's meadow?


Nothing but beauty. The renovated Orangery is a time capsule that will transport you to a fairytale world.


A one-of-a-kind dog sculpture made by Czech artist David Černý. Standing at 4 meters tall, it welcomes visitors right at the entrance.

Dog's meadow

The chapel might be tiny, but it holds the beauty of a cathedral.

Castle Park

Ideal for strolling and contemplating while being surrounded by greenery.


Challenge someone to a tournament here. Make a bet!

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